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IPL hair removal system featuring a compact design that is perfect for use in your home or on the go.
Safe permanent hair removal at home. Results clinically proved: up to 82% less hair 1 month after 8 sessions.
Ideal for full body hair removal including arms underarms bikini line legs backFaceand chest.
Hair removal device high compatibility: efficient for different skin types exclusive skin detection system.
IPL painless hair removal deep to hair follicles the heating is absorbed by melanin 2 years warranty life-long maintenance.

Get 60% Discount to buy at Amazon


Introduction of IPL Technology

IPL hair removal system (Intense Pulsed Light) is a well-established technology used worldwide for over 15 years.

MLAY IPL hair removal device uses this technology to flash your skin with an intense pulse of light.

The pulse works under the skin's surface to target hairs at the root, helping to stop their growth.

The energy in the pulse of light targets dark colouring, so the best results are seen on darker hair.

How does MLAY ipl hair removal work on your hair?

The energy of short intense pulse light is absorbed preferentially by the pigment in root hair follicle, after continuous treatments, hair is prevented from growing back..


Product feature

Five energy levels

MLAY permanent ipl hair removal device home use has 5 energy settings that control the speed of the pulses. The higher the level,the higher the power. You can use the low level (1-2) for the first time. It is also ideal when treating sensitive areas such as the bikini line or under arms.

Some question:

①Are you still worried that you will not operate?
②Are you still worried about your own hair growth?
③Are you still worried about this IPL hair removal system after 300,000 flashes what needs to be done?
④Are you still worried that using IPL hair removal device will cause pain?
⑤Are you still worried that your skin is not suitable for IPL hair removal system?
⑥Are you still worried about what part of the IPL hair removal system can be used?

Replaceble lamp design, large lamp window,Super long-run.

IPL hair removal system lamp head is replaceable,which can be used circulate.
300,000 pulses ipl hair removal device has 3.9 cm² flash window ,which greatly reduces the treatment times.
Its LCD screen can show the rest of pulses,which is convenient for operation.

Is the IPL hair removal system right for you?

MLAY IPL hair removal device fit for all kind of hair color except white and fit for light to medium dark skin color(like white,beige,ivory,brown and dark brown),it doesn't fit for dark skin color including tattoo area.
And you can use ipl hair removal device on up lips, chin, sideburns, armpit, arms, legs, tummy, bikini, private parts.We suggest try from level 1, then turn up to the intensity that you can stand.

How to use?

Step 1: Shave your hair so that the light has more access to the skin.
Step 2: Plug in and press the button to start the ipl hair removal system.
Step 3: Select the suitable energy level for your skin.
Step 4: Wear the goggle
Step 5: Press the flash button, then place the flash window fully contact to your skin.

What to expect:

IPL Hair Removal
At the first 8 weeks. 2 times each week, you will see the hair starting to slow.
After 2 months ,one time each week ,up to 90% hair loss and your skin becomes tender and softer.
After 3 months, the hair follicle disabled, you will experience desired effect. And you can operate every 1 month one time depend on your hair density and growth.

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